Herby Insulating Mouthpiece Tips


This is a pack of 5 replacement insulating mouthpiece tips for use with the Cipher Herby dry herb vaporizer. They’re great for sharing! In this age of transmittable infections, people still want to have fun and share in a safe manner. Well, we’ve got you covered. With a tip inserted into Herby’s mouthpiece (with a firm push) your lips only contact the tip while inhaling. When you’re ready to pass and share, simply remove your tip, and hand over Herby with another tip. Tips are durable and easily cleaned by washing in hot soapy water, or with a quick dip in Isopropyl alcohol. These tips are also great for keeping the lips cool when using Herby at high temperature. As with all small vaporizers, the regular mouthpiece can get a little hot toward the end of a session.

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